Pandey's Residence

Area - 1250 Sq.ft (Approx), 2BHK, Year - 2017, Location - Thane

Status - Completed

Sharma's Residence

Area - 1550 Sq.ft (Approx), 3BHK, Year - 2016, Location - Thane

Status - Completed

As rightly said, “A well designed place doesn’t just look good; it feels good, sounds good and smells good ”. This is a Grand and Plush 3BHK located at Rosa bella, Thane. A functional and pleasing decor of this house mesmerises almost everybody.

Murdeshwar Residence - Raheja Gardens

Area - 1750 Sq.ft (Approx), 4BHK, Year - 2016, Location - Thane

Status - Completed

The Murdeshwar Residence, at Delphi, Raheja Gardens, Thane is a home crafted for a couple and their two teenagers, to dwell in harmony. This heavenly home is within an area of 1750 sq.ft., crafted with grandeur. Each room is treated uniquely, the flooring materials, colour pallette and furniture pieces are poles apart, yet they blend with one another and establish equilibrium.

Mehta's Residence - Ashok Gardens

Area - 1800 Sq.ft (Approx), 3BHK, Year - 2016, Location - Parel

Status - Completed

Ashok Gardens, a luxurious residential complex in Upper Parel, is the house of our eminent clients, Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. The interiors of their house expresses about their aesthetic state of mind & lifestyle.” Keep it Simple But with Sophistication” was the Design Strategy used here. This was a 4bhk apartment, which we converted into 3BHK, amalgamating two bedrooms into one to form a spacious master bedroom.

Sharma's Residence - Acme Ozone

Area - 1650 Sq.ft (Approx), 3BHK, Year - 2015, Location - Manpada, Thane

Status - Completed

"Where you live is who you are" this quote is truly justified in the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Sharma. This 3 BHK apartment is a clever amalgamation of Design with Vastu. Vastu was the first priority of the residents so every nook and corner of the house was pictured around the frame work of VASTU.

Pagare's Residence - Palava City

Area - 490 Sq.ft (Approx), 2BHK, Year - 2015, Location - Dombivali

Status - Completed

It was an amazing experience to design this residence at Lodha Palava City at Kalyan Dombivli Shil Phata as the residents were staying abroad & the whole process of designing and execution was done long distance. At the end of the project,We could successfully deliver the clients with all their requirements and gift them “A functional home with complete modern touch”.

Hotel Alka Residency

Location - Thane

Status - On Proposal